Wrap around care

Wrap around care

Before School- Early drop off 8.15am
•There will be an early drop off available at both Barkway and Barley Schools.
•Available Monday to Friday.
•For children from Reception to Year 4.
•Sessions organized by a teaching assistant and there will be a teacher in charge at the school.
•Informal activities to ease into the school day.
•No breakfast, drink only.
•Cost £1 per child, per day.

After School

After school clubs will be held alternatively at Barley and Barkway Schools and link with PE/Sports Clubs and Art Club.
•Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays only.

-Tuesdays at Barkway

-Wednesdays at Barley

- Thursdays at Barkway
•Available from end of school day until 4.30pm.
•For children Reception to Year 4.
•Activities led by teaching assistants, with option of joining PE/Sports Club or Art Club, with teacher in charge at the school.
•Transport provided at the end of the school day to the appropriate school.
•Pick up at 4.30pm.
•Drink and biscuit provided.
•Costs -£3 per child, per day
• -£5 for 2 children, per day
• -£6 for 3 children, per day

PE/ Sports and Art Clubs

The programme of extra-curricular clubs is as follows:
•Tuesdays- Gym Club with Mr Green at Barkway (Reception- Year 4, children)
•Wednesdays-Multi Sports Club with Mr Green at Barley (Reception- Year 4, children)
•Thursdays-Art Club with Sue Sanders at Barkway

There will be a charge of £1 for the PE/Sports Clubs, as we subsidise these from Sports Premium funding and a charge of £5 for Art Club, for materials and tuition as it is an external provider.

Please note we are unable to offer transport to these clubs, on the minibus, at the end of the day, unless your child is involved in Wrap Around Care. This is because we have a limited number of places, as we transport the Barkleys Class too.

Would you like Wrap Around Care on an adhoc basis?

If you would like to use our before or after school care on an adhoc basis, please let your child’s school know by the Friday of the week before to book a place

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