The school colour is red. Children wear a red school polo-shirt and red school sweatshirt with plain grey trousers, skirt or pinafore. In the summer grey shorts are allowed and red and white checked dresses.

Children are expected to wear uniform on school trips and each child is given a red polo shirt from the school with the Barley Logo on to wear . We also like to keep a spare set of clothes in school for Nursery children.

Uniform can be purchased by ordering on line at:


Order uniform from here

Please make sure that uniform is clearly marked with your child’s name.

It is a policy of the Royston Area Schools that the only items of jewellery to be worn by children will be watches, and certain items required to be worn by religious law, both of which are to be removed or taped over for P.E. lessons. Earrings should never be worn in school, and ear-studs only for the six weeks immediately following ear piercing during which time they too will need to be removed or taped over for P.E.

Girls – or boys - with long hair should have this tied back at all times. As head lice is a recurring problem in schools we ask all parents to check their child’s hair regularly and treat if necessary.

PE and Swimming

All children need a PE kit (red Barley t-shirt, black shorts and trainers). Depending on the time of year your child will also need jogging bottoms and trainers for outdoor games lessons.

With the exception of Nursery all children go swimming at Royston Leisure Centre. Boys should wear swimming trunks and swimming hats are compulsory for both boys and girls. Parents are asked to make voluntary contributions towards this activity to cover the cost of the coach, swimming teacher and lifeguard at the pool. Please inform the school in writing if you consider your child not well enough to attend a swimming session. Long swimming shorts are not permitted.

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