Barkway Market

Barkway Market


 What is FOBBS and how is it structured?

Friends of Barley and Barkway Schools (FOBBS) is a group of parents, teachers and friends of the school who form a committee which meets to support, fundraise and organise activities that benefit the education and wellbeing of the children that attend Barley and Barkway School.

How do I get involved?

To get involved, all you need to do is speak with Mrs Davies-McKeon to indicate your interest. We always welcome new helpers. If you choose to become a committee member, you will attend FOBBS meetings. For particular fundraising events, such as the Barley Ball. You do not have to be a committee member to help with FOBBS and you will be very welcome.

Dates of Meetings

Over the course of the school year, FOBBS usually meet once every half term as an entire committee, including our Annual General Meeting.

Diary of Events

FOBBS aim to organise fun, family orientated events for the school and the village. For the next school year, the Diary of Events includes the following:

  • Would I lie to you? -Saturday 14th October 7pm-11pm at Barkway Village Hall

What does FOBBS use the money it raises for?

The money raised by FOBS is used to support the education and social wellbeing of the children at Barley and Barkway School. The funds we raise are intended to cover the costs of facilities and resources that are not provided from statutory funding, such as coach hire costs, competition prizes, educational field trips, special equipment and more. Recently, we have provided funding for the supply of additional violins for music lessons, a new sand pit for Early Years and a set of phonics books for the school.